When it comes to the hospitality industry, obviously the commodity is the most known obesity for the consumer. Finabit Hotel  is software package for hotels, that offers comfort for all levels of Hotel Management and in this way offers total commodity for the client.

In a competitive market, a hotel management needs appropriate infrastructure and processes without the drawbacks. An integrated hotel management software, the right for your purpose, effectively helps you in implementation of services and accommodations.


Finabit Hotel has easy to use modules and methods that enable management of various functions of hospitality industry and can be implemented in hotels of all sizes.

Finabit Hotel is functional, safe and stable and is easy to use and meets your needs.


B  & B

  • Check Room Status from Room Layout with different color codes
  • Easy Check In and Reservation Interface
  • Single screen Check In with relative  informations separated in tabs
  • Extra Charge posting and defining Extra Charge Package
  • Apply Discounts
  • Pay Bills and print in Fiscal Printer
  • Different  Payment Methods
  • Block Room Option
  • Easy Change Room Clean Status
  • Print Folios and Bills
  • Split Folio option to separate on extra charge and room tariff
  • Divide final amount between 2 or more guests if the room was being shared by them
  • Setup Door Card Records
  • Automatic folio routing for different folio of extra charge
  • Wakeup Call
  • Flexible Rate strategy management
  • Setup of Release Date and Time For Any Reservation
  • Option to Cancel or No Show Any Reservation
  • Shift Report
  • Manage mini bar
  • Assign Mini bar Items to Room with Pocket Pc Module
  • Managing Miscellaneous Sales
  • Keep a record of all the receivables at your property generated from miscellaneous services
  • Creation of Business Source with Special Rates
  • Configure different Lookup Tables
  • Unlimited users
  • Role Based Security Management
  • Various Configuration s at the user level or application level
  • Audit data
  • Backup and Restore Data
  • Manage your guest database with generic details
  • Recording of Personal Details & Preference of Guest
  • Taking feedbacks from your guest
  • Track Guests History
  • Guest Reminders
  • Booking and Reservation of Conference & Banquets
  • Assign Events to Conference or Banquets
  • Calendar View of Conference & Banquets events
  • Schedule house keeping tasks
  • Assign Rooms for cleaning with easy  Interface
  • Manage Maiden Database
  • Standard Reports to manage your business efectively
  • Reports for different periods
  • Reports for different entities
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Export Reports to different format types
  • Send Automatically each Report by e-mail
  • Filter , Sort and group rows by each column